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Grassroots help for vulnerable groups in COVID-19.

HelpDAO creates software for local squads to get funding and allocate help towards those who need it the most in the current COVID-19 pandemic.
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In the face of global disasters like the Coronavirus, it is not just the disease itself that is dangerous: many millions of vulnerable groups in every corner of the world will have limited access to food, essential medication, and water.
I saw an 80-year old lady at my local supermarket yesterday morning. She was crying, standing next to the now-empty shelf that used to have rice and grains.

I came up to her, and she said it's been days that she's been coming here to buy a pack, but that the cheap ones keep being out of stock.

Her pension isn't enough for her to afford the more expensive brands or to stockpile, and every trip to the supermarket puts her at risk of catching the virus. For her, it can be deadly.
At times like this we have to be aware of the more vulnerable members of our communities, and take responsibility for our family, neighbours and strangers that happen to be less fortunate than us.

We created HelpDAO to do exactly that.

How you can help

How it works.


You are the Supervisor. This initiative will be made possible thanks to you: you will serve as the link between donors, volunteers, and the people in need.  It will be your job to allocate actions to volunteers, distribute funds, make sure volunteers are performing their tasks honestly, and maintain transparency with the donors.


Donors are people who care and donate money to your help squad. Amounts don't matter - if they can help buy an extra pack of grains for an old couple, they are already changing the world. Donors will join the Telegram group of the help squad.


Volunteers carry out tasks set out in the scope of the help squad. They are the ones that make sure that your help reaches those that need it the most.
  • 1
    Set the scope
    Even if you want to help everyone, it's useful to have a scope. Think of the most vulnerable population in your area - is it low-income families, the elderly who have no relatives, the homeless?
  • 2
    Find a way to reach them
    You will need a way to distribute essential goods to your target group. Think of a way of getting a list of their names & details. Can you reach the local council or social care workers who might help?
    > Sensitive information such as names and contact details of low income families may be tricky to access, and local authorities may not be comfortable disclosing it. Check our suggestions if that is the case.
  • 3
    Set up the fundraising app
    Once you've defined the group you want to help, set up the fundraising app. It's super easy - you can find guidance here.
  • 4
    Set up a Telegram channel
    This will be important to keep everyone donating funds (the donors) updated with your progress. You can post pictures of the food you bought, the families you've helped, and update them on the number of people you helped. Transparency is key, and it's important to show people the real impact of their contributions.
  • 5
    Assign volunteers
    Now that you've kicked things off, it's time to source help. Depending on the scope of your initiative and your fundraising target, you should find volunteers that will help you distribute food & other essential items to the people you want to help.
  • 6
    Publish the list of tasks
    If you have a list of addresses or phone numbers of people in need, make them available to your volunteers (don't make them public!). If you are distributing food & clothing to homeless people, it's useful to split the task by areas or postcodes.
  • 7
    Distribute the funds
    Once volunteers are clear on their actions, distribute the funds you've raised. Stay in touch with them throughout the process and ask to share pictures & receipts on the Telegram channel to maintain transparency.
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