Outline graphic depicting hand nurturing a heart

A grassroots initiative

There is no company behind the initiative, just a group of people who care

It's time for DAOs to shine.

Blogs enabled people to share ideas on the Internet.
Then social media enabled people to discuss those ideas.
And finally, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations now enable people to take action on them.
This is thanks to cryptocurrency, which is a a global, permissionless and resilient infrastructure for value exchange.

Programmers, lawyers, designers... you are welcome!

The idea behind using DAOs to help vulnerable people in the current COVID-19 outbreak was born from an anonymous community member. People quickly joined and organized the initiative, contributing their skills.

What is going on right now in the Internet is a miracle: everyone is coordinating around the same problem. No one cares about where you are from, your political views or even if you are a ball of cheese.